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A company positioned on the innovative forefront of concrete since 1987, Longhorn Concrete was founded by Charlie Allen. Pouring integrity into every job and devoting quality on every layer, Allen created a company with a concrete-solid foundation.

With a discerning eye and over twenty years of residential and commercial construction experience, Neal Secor purchased LHC in March 2016. His overwhelming knowledge of what is expected of a contracting company, such as Longhorn, combined with his numerous successful ventures in both the commercial and residential venues, has proven Secor the prime candidate to continue the Longhorn legacy Allen has established.

The ins and outs of a contracting business can be wearing without someone with special skill sets specializing in detail, scheduling, multi-tasking, determination to exceed expectations, and has an in depth understanding and awareness of the needs and demands of his contractors and clients. These skills come naturally to Secor, but have been honed since 1995 when he first stepped foot on newly poured concrete.

Our Mission

Longhorn Concrete is the cutting edge leader in concrete construction and is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to produce a quality product, with integrity, completed on time, within budget, by employees who are dedicated to meet, or exceed, our customer’s expectation.

Neil Secor

Neal Secor